Chain Link Slide Gate Parts

Safety Roller Gates:

These gates are primarily used for chain link fences in order to minimize the amount of space used by the gate. These gates slide parallel with the fence line using a track and wheel system. Gate frames are welded and depending on the size may also be braced and trussed. Finish size of gate must be wider than the opening size to account for the rear wheels which are bolted to the gate frame. Gates do not require a wide counterbalance like a cantilever gate. The height of the gate is shorter than the fence to allow for the chosen wheel carrier which is under the gate. Rolling gates use less space than typical swing type gates. They are also inexpensive compared with V-track gates and cantilever gates. The design is simple and incorporates many fittings that simply bolt together making the project possible for a do-it-yourselfer. The lack of a counterbalance on the gate frame makes tight fits possible. Repairs and adjustments are easily done with household tools.

Cantilever Gates:

This heavy-duty style of gate can cover a much larger opening distance than other styles of gates and does not demand the space required to operate a swinging gate. It rolls, suspended above the terrain or drive between four rollers, (two on top /two on bottom). This can be the best solution when the driveway is uneven or graveled. This frame is constructed with an extra counterbalance length for optimum stability.

V-Track Gates

These gates provide reliable service while able to adapt to any size opening. This gate has two strategically located V-grooved wheels attached to the bottom of the frame that roll along a V shaped track. It rolls between two rollers at the top (one on each side of the frame). Because this gate rolls along the ground, it can be a heavier gate and not have any sagging issues.

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