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Wood Fence Stain & Sealer Dallas TX | Fence Supply, Inc.Baker's Gray Away wood stain is a premium, long lasting, easy to apply stain, sealer and wood preservative perfect for Fences, Decks, Roofs, Siding and Log homes. Special UV stable pigments, resins and heavy duty penetrating oils make Baker's stains the first choice of professionals for deck staining, fence staining, deck sealing, fence sealing, staining cedar shakes and siding and any other exterior wood sealing project.

Baker's Gray-Away sealer can be used on cedar, pine, redwood, pressure treated pine, spruce, ipe, fir and many other woods. Baker's proven formula protects natural wood color, repels water, extends wood life, resists mold, mildew and fungus growth and reduces cracking and splitting. Baker's penetrating oil formula leaves no film or coating on the wood surface to ever flake, peel or chip. Penetrating oil stains also offer extremely easy maintenance to both home owners and professional contractors.

We carry the full line of Baker's Gray Away. This is the best product to stain, seal and preserve your wood fence. If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, give us a call for current pricing at 972-226-0004

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Wood Fence Stain & Sealer Dallas TX | Fence Supply, Inc.


How are penetrating oil stains different from the products I find at my local home store?

- Penetrating oil stains work by staining and sealing the wood 100% below the surface of the wood. They leave no coating, film or build-up on the surface, and will never flake, peel or chip.

Does Baker's Gray-Away have to be stripped before re-application like other stains?

- Absolutely not!
Baker's Gray Away is a professional grade product that offers both superior results and extremely easy maintenance.

How long will Baker's stains last? The last stain I bought claimed to have a 7 year warranty, but failed after one year.

-If properly applied, Baker's Gray-Away will typically last 3-5 years on fences and 2-3 years on decks.


The natural wood look requires scheduled maintenance. Once properly applied, Baker's Gray Away wood seal will need a light cleaning and maintenance coat every 2 - 3 years on decks and every 3 - 5 years on fences. Routine and maintenance cleaning should be done with a weak percarbonate cleaner or weak bleach water solution. Before re-application of stain, be sure to neutralize and balance the pH after cleaning with an acidic brightener. Brightener is not required for periodic cleaning unless stain is being re-applied. Never clean with a degreaser as it may remove the protective oils in the sealer.


Contains Petroleum Distillate

Satisfaction Guarantee: If not satisfied with product performance when applied according to manufacturer's directions, additional product will be provided. Product replacement is the sole and exclusive remedy.

Directions for use:
It is a violation of Federal law to use this product inconsistent with it's labeling. This product is for exterior use only on rough sawn cedar, wood shakes and shingles, fences, decks and siding. This product is not intended for use in direct contact with soil. Baker's Gray Away wood seal is not intended for the control of termites or other wood destroying insects.

Substrates: All clean, dry and porous wood surfaces. Due to variation of base wood colors, finished color may vary from desired results. Check color by applying sample of product to determine desired effect. CLEAR SEALER DOES NOT PREVENT NATURAL GRAYING.

Coverage rate: Coverage rates are approximate and will vary depending on wood porosity. Coverage rates based on two coat application. Apply 2nd coat wet-on-wet. Do not allow to dry between coats.

Cedar: 150-200 sq. ft. / gallon
New pine: 150-200 sq. ft. / gallon
Weathered pine: 80-100 sq. ft. / gallon

Methods of application: Apply 2 coats with low pressure sprayer, brush, roller or applicator pad.

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